Apple iOS 13 Latest Features | Debut map adds 3D perspective

Apple iOS 13 Latest Feature | Debut map adds 3D perspective

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Apple announced the built-in dark mode iOS 13 operating system at the World Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 3 and announced that the iTunes service will be composed of three independent apps. Replaced; enhanced privacy features and optimized map services.

According to the Central News Agency, in 2019, WWDC was held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California from June 3rd to 7th. This year, the 30th year, participants from 86 countries and regions, totaling more than 5,000 people.

This year's WWDC took more than two hours to release the upgrade features of Apple 's own platform such as iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS, etc. , and for the first time launched iPadOS that emphasizes multi-work. Apple Maps Service also learned from Google's strengths, added a 3D perspective, and was warmly applauded by on-site developers. As for the newly-launched Mac Pro computer-based professionals, there is limited help for the hardware industry with declining revenues.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the Keynote conference that WWDC is more abundant this year, and there are many people who come to participate for the first time. Apple has created the best products in the world, bringing together first-class hardware and software to bring you an unprecedented experience.

Cook pointed out that iOS 12 satisfaction is as high as 97% and the installation rate is 85%. In contrast, the Android 9 installation rate is only 10%, and it is intended to highlight the iOS software and services far better than the opponent.

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The new iOS 13's FaceID face recognition unlocks 30% faster; the download application's capacity is reduced by 50%, the updated app's capacity is reduced by 60%, and the application load time is 2x faster. The dark mode that is widely acclaimed in macOS is also officially imported into iOS 13.

One of the highlights of iOS 13 is enhanced privacy and security. For example, the user can only share the geographic location with a single app, and if the app needs to obtain the geographic location of the user again, the user must be re-acquired. In addition, some third-party apps will cross-match the user's location through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals, and iOS 13 also enhances this protection.

For some users who use Facebook or Google account to simplify the process of logging in to the website or app, iOS 13 also adds Sign in with Apple login function, users can choose a real email address or choose to hide; if you choose to hide, the system will assign random composition The e-mail address mainly wants users to control their own data and also avoids user data being tracked by other platforms.

In addition, in Apple's new map app, a total of 4 million miles of ground and aerial photos were accumulated, representing the map and making the building on the map clearer. It is expected to be launched in the United States before the end of this year, and other countries are expected to launch next year. The Map App also features the Look Around feature, which allows you to view maps from a 3D perspective.

As for the 18-year-old iTunes, it began to focus on music, not only bringing the music revolution, but also redefining the radio, and then integrating movies and other services. When the outside world is curious about whether iTunes can do more, Apple has the opposite view. It should not be made into a versatile app but divided into three apps: music, TV, and podcasts.

Also popular with developers, this year is the iPadOS, which was first released. The iPad was built from the ground up on iOS, but over the years, the iPad has evolved into a unique product. Apple believes that "time is up" and should give the iPad platform the right place.

The iPadOS home screen can use more tools and put the tools directly on the screen. iPadOS plus gestures allow you to switch applications faster, such as copying text and swiping with three fingers to paste or delete text without having to shake the iPad to delete it. The multi-window function also introduces the iPad, for example, two memos can be opened at the same time. iPadOS also supports USB external hard disk and SD card, which can directly import photos.

The new watchOS adds voice memos, computers, and other built-in apps to support the streaming music API (application interface). The most notable is the built-in App Store, which allows you to download apps directly from your watch, as well as browse the app and search apps selected by the editorial team. The new Cycle Tracking Physiology Tracking feature is also quite popular with developers to help women manage their health more easily.

On the hardware side, this year WWDC released the Mac Pro, the leading professional. Apple claims to be the most powerful Mac ever. It uses a stainless steel frame and can be modularly deployed inside. It is equipped with Intel's top processor and graphics card for $5,999. (about NT$188,000), it is expected to be listed this fall.

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