How To Unblock a Blocked Website URL On Facebook

How To Unblock Website Url On Facebook

Website URL got blocked on Facebook Instagram

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how to Unblock website URL on Facebook

Sometimes you will run into issues when trying to access a website or service through Facebook. You may get an error saying that you do not have enough bandwidth, your computer cannot connect to their servers, or it can be due to a third party app like YouTube being blocked.

In this article we will go over some easy steps to unblock websites and services on facebook! This is particularly helpful if you are running out of data plan credit or you just want to watch videos online.

We’ll also look at how to add new web resources to work in Facebook so users don’t see the same old sites when they try to visit them. And for those who enjoy watching movies and TV shows, we’ll show you how to stream content directly from Netflix, Hulu, and other popular streaming platforms.

Reminder: To save money on your cell phone bill, we recommend sticking to the basics with our best tips here. Avoid downloading large apps unless you need them since this uses up more data. For people who still desire these features, consider using Google Chrome instead as it has built-in privacy settings.

Secondly, you need to report it to Facebook

how to unblock website url on facebook 2023

There is an easy way to remove blocked website urls from your facebook profile. First, you will have to go into privacy settings on facebook and look under ‘Apps’. Here, you can see all of the apps that are connected to your account.

You will want to make sure that you check the box next to ‘Add new app’ for each one. This adds the app as a friend or connects it to other accounts like phone numbers and emails. It does not change who can access your personal information though, so be careful which apps connect with those things!

Now that you know where to find this info., click onto the drop down menu and then choose ‘Report App’. You will now get taken to a page telling you what action was completed and giving you the chance to cancel or confirm.

Tell your friends about the website

how to unblock website url on facebook

Sometimes, you will come across a web page that you simply cannot open because it has been blocked by someone else. This can be due to a malicious site or an individual who does not want you to visit a particular one.

If this happens, you will usually see a warning message telling you that the site is protected by copyright or something of the like.

It’s very common for people to try to protect their copyrighted work with such security measures (this makes sense since it is their content!), but some may go too far.

Tell everyone to share the website link

how to unblock website url on facebook

There is an easy way to tell if your account has been limited or not, and it does not require you to have access to the original web page. You can ask someone who knows you well to spread the word for you!

If you find that you are unable to open certain sites, then chances are there's a lot of talk about the site across social media channels. Your friends may all know each other, so they will probably let others know what site you cannot open.

By asking them, you can get the same information without having to visit the site yourself. It also helps if they have no connection with the site, as this would make it much harder for anyone to confirm whether you can or cannot use the site.

This article contains links to the best free tools for hiding your identity online, but beyond that, we recommend simply de-friending people on social networking websites until you feel comfortable reopening your accounts.

Tell Facebook to unblock the website url

how to unblock website url on facebook

Changing your profile picture is one of the most common ways to personalize your account. You can do this by logging into facebook using your computer or phone and then choosing the Edit Profile Picture option.

If you want to test out some new pictures, you can use an app like Adobe Lightroom that has a create a quick profile image feature. Simply upload the file and choose which profile you would like it to appear as!

However, sometimes things get stuck and you cannot change the profile photo. This article will tell you how to easily remove the block for any profiles on facebook. It may also help with creating new profile images!

Removing web domain restrictions

There are two types of restriction that occur when someone blocks your profile: Domain name restrictions and Image restrictions. Both require solving the same problem: How to add the unrestricted domain or image to their self-profile.

Keep sharing the website url

how to unblock website url on facebook

It is very important to keep sharing that web page link so that other people can easily access it as well. If you don’t, then your friends will not be able to!

You see, when you share an online article or video, there is a limited amount of time after which it will disappear off of the social media site.

This happens because someone else has already copied and saved the article or video in their internet browser cache (or storage space) before you did.

When they go to access the same content later, rather than using the original link, they use the copy instead. This results in them getting an error when they try to view the content.

It is their computer system, their browser, and their settings that determine how long it stores cached information. So, if someone has enough motivation, they could create an annoying situation for you.

Luckily, there are some ways to prevent this from happening. And if it does happen, there are ways to get past the block. We will discuss those here.

Tell your friends to like and comment on the post

how to unblock website url on facebook

There is an easy way to tell if you are blocked on Facebook, we will talk about that in detail later but for now just know that it happens when someone comments on a FB post or likes a page and then they see nothing happening.

It seems weird at first but this is how social media works!

When this happens there is a little while before the person can interact with the content because their access has been disabled. This is why you might be able to read a news article and no one else can until hours later when their access is restored.

The same thing applies to posting messages and notes. You would wait around forever if you tried to send something while people were blocked.

Be consistent

how to unblock website url on facebook

There is no quick fix for blocked website urls. It takes time to undo that setting, so don’t stress out about it.

Try your best to stop creating duplicate accounts or using fake information when you feel yourself getting frustrated. This will only make things take longer!

Instead of actively trying to unblock a site url, try limiting how often you use the app that set the block. For example, if Netflix was giving you trouble, then disable the app completely until you are able to use it without being prompted to add a login.

This way, you won’t be adding extra pressure by constantly trying to use the app, but at the same time you will still get the benefits of having it. And if you do happen to unlock the account, you can just re-enable the app later!

And remember, even if you never actually successfully remove the block, you have already done some good by narrowing down what apps are allowed onto your device.

Ask your friends to do the same

how to unblock website url on facebook

Sometimes, you will run into a situation where an individual won't let you access a certain website or page because they don’t want you to look at their stuff!

It can be due to something trivial like someone looking through pictures of themselves for potential cheating partners, but it could also be because they believe that you'll leave them soon and then there'd be no proof you ever existed.

The worst is when they're angry with you and refuse to speak to you - that's definitely not a good time to try going onto!

If this happens to you, ask some of your close friends to help you get back into If one of them has already allowed you access, go in through that account and reset your password so you can use that as your main login.

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