Apple requires developers to put "Apple login"

Apple requires developers to put "Apple login"

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According to this week's design guide, Apple will require application developers to add "use Apple login " in their iPhone and iPad applications. "Buttons, as new and preferred options in addition to " Log in via Google " and " Login via Facebook ". The company said that the purpose of doing so is to better protect user privacy information while facilitating users.

According to Reuters, Apple company (Apple Inc) held a press release on Monday (3 June), introduced its iPhone and iPad devices in the new application login option. That is, if the application requires users to log in, before the "via Google login" (Sign on with Google) and "Through Facebook login" (Sign on with Facebook) over the button appears "Using Apple Login" (Sign on with Apple ).

At a press conference on Monday, the company explained that it was meant to protect user privacy. At the same time, it also introduced a function to randomly generate email addresses in order to avoid revealing the user's real email information.

Many consumers choose to log in to a standalone application using a Google or Facebook account, as this eliminates the hassle of creating and remembering usernames and passwords for many different applications.

However, this method may send data such as the user's habits of using the application to the provider. Craig Federighi, Apple's software director, said in a keynote speech on Monday that Apple is looking to offer users more privacy options—providing a convenient one-step login without having to send user data to other companies.

In a press conference about its Apple Store app review guide update, Apple said its sign-in button, which will be available later this year, "will be used as a user option in supporting third-party sign-in applications."

However, Apple's new login button does not appear in applications that have their own dedicated login system and do not use the Google or Facebook third-party login option.

Apple's new login button also applies to websites. It's not necessary, because Apple can't review the site as it does in its own store, but once it's time to log in, Apple's guide still asks its buttons to be at the top.

Facebook and Google declined to comment on the matter, but Google said it does not require the application in its Android (Android) device Play Store to "use Google Sign In".

Apple recommends that developers place their login button on top of competitor buttons, which is part of its Human Interface Guidelines. While this is not a formal requirement for developers to review through its app store, many developers believe that doing what Apple requires is the surest way to get into the store.

According to a Reuters report on Monday, US antitrust regulators are preparing for possible antitrust investigations against Apple and other major technology companies. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with CBS News on Tuesday that it is "fair" for regulators to review Apple's size. But he said that the company did not monopolize any market it operates. 

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