YouTube banned extreme violence video

YouTube banned extreme violence video

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Google ’s video service website YouTube announced on Wednesday that it would ban extremist content and remove videos of undocumented atrocities, such as the Jewish massacre. And Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, etc. The move means that YouTube will conduct an increasingly rigorous review of the extreme and split video content it hosts.

According to CNN, YouTube also announced a ban a few months after Facebook announced its ban on its platform to publish white supremacist content. Two months ago, a terrorist attack occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand. The terrorist suspect was broadcast live on Facebook, and some of it contained extremist views. Facebook issued the ban two weeks after the incident.

YouTube wrote in a blog post on Wednesday (June 5) that it would ban "videos that claim the superiority of a group based on age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation or resignation." Discrimination, isolation or exclusion of military identity, etc."

For a long time, YouTube has been criticized and criticized for its failure to prevent misinformation, conspiracy and extremist views from spreading on its platform, and failing to prevent such content from being recommended. It is understood that people who visit the site to watch youtube videos or watch mainstream news may receive recommendations to encourage them to watch extremist content.

In January, YouTube said it would begin to reduce its "edge content" recommendations and videos that might mislead users in a "harmful way."

CNN technical journalist Brian Fung explained on Wednesday that YouTube’s ban on discriminatory content also applies to videos that do not necessarily violate its policies.

Feng said that although the YouTube notice specifies specific conditions, it can be applied to a wide range of content. “It may include videos promoting fake drugs or videos promoting the earth is flat.

"YouTube refers to this type of video as marginal content. So the bottom line here is that YouTube is taking an important step that may ultimately affect the variety of content on the platform," Feng said.

In August last year, YouTube and other social media platforms banned the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones had previously launched a false conspiracy theory about the shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School, and he was therefore sued by the families of the victims.

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